I worked with Leo to purchase my first home. The process took place throughout the later months of 2017. Leo’s knowledge of the local market was extremely impressive. He was able to provide accurate guidance regarding all questions related to neighborhood traits and village requirements. Leo is  truly a master of his craft. As a “younger” home buyer, I felt I was treated with respect throughout the entire process by Leo and his team. Due to some negative first impressions, I feel that would not have been the case with other agents. In a market with increasing demand, Leo was able to provide advice that was critical in ensuring my offer stood out over all other offers. Leo was extremely responsive throughout the process and did an excellent job in terms of scheduling and communication. He was always willing to go the extra mile and help with any questions. Leo’s negotiation skills are top notch, without them I do not believe I would be living in my new home. He knew exactly when and what to negotiate throughout the process. Leo treated me as a close friend thought the entire process and I would use him again in an instant should the situation present itself in the future. I would highly recommend Leo to anyone. Unlike other agents, Leo is not just trying to make a sale, he is more concerned with providing the best service possible to ensure his clients are happy. On behalf of Mike and Shelbee, thank you Leo and team!